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Exercise does combat anxiety, I’m the proof!

Back in December I wrote a post about having anxiety and I was overwhelmed with the wonderful response that I got. I suffered with anxiety on and off as a teenage some of which was caused by the lifestyle I was living, such as too much parting and late nights along with other past issues and my fear of death having lost people close to me at a young age. Then at twenty years old I had my beautiful son but unfortunately around the same time my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully my mum fought her cancer at which point I took myself to university. However being a young mum came with its own stigma and also created body insecurities that I still have to this day. I still worried about everything and anything still finding that the negative thoughts kept creeping in. Despite this I was still determined to push forward to make a better life for me and my son. I finished university and these were great times in my life, I learnt so much academically and about myself the journey was tough but a good one. I then began working as a social worker at which point my son started school, he sadly didn’t find this setting an easy one which created lots of pressure on me as a parent. I remember very clearly how i felt at the time and the extreme stress I was under as well as dealing with entering a job which was also highly stressful. Eventually I decided that I would change careers. I started looking at different options I had always had an interest in sports it was something I enjoyed. I then went back to study fitness and started working in this field part time, at the same time I started working with my mum doing beauty. Social worker come health & beauty practitioner. I never envisioned this path but it felt like the right one. Looking back now I can safely say that being able to exercise was my saving grace in so many ways. Once it became my job in meant I had to go to work no matter how stressful my morning was or my day was going to be. 

I was doing something that created positive endorphins. Eventually I developed my training and stared looking more at relaxation techniques and I was able to incorporate this in my teaching which is where I found my love for Pilates. I could walk into class in a highly stressed state but by the end of the class I would feel calmer and happier which helped me to rationalise life better. I would say to anyone out there who suffers from anxiety or depression that if you can find a way to par take in some kind of physically activity and make it a part of your life style it would likely have a real positive effect on your mental health. Exercise has helped me avoid having to take tablets. Exercise has been my drug for many many years now and that’s why I’m so passionate about what I do and that’s why I was determined to create a space that was non judgemental. I’ve always worn up heart on my sleeve rightly or wrongly and my early twenties were tough times but I came out the other side using exercise. I love and value life and I look forward to making many memories and hopefully turning as many people to exercise as I can. Carla  

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