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Monthly Meditation  

Monthly Meditation 

Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. You can also use it to relax and cope with stress by refocusing your attention on something calming. Meditation can help you learn to stay centered and keep inner peace.

And these benefits don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day. And meditation may help you manage symptoms of certain medical conditions.

When you meditate, you may clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress.

The emotional and physical benefits of meditation can include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Building skills to manage your stress

  • Increasing self-awareness

  • Focusing on the present

  • Reducing negative emotions

  • Increasing imagination and creativity

  • Increasing patience and tolerance

  • Lowering resting heart rate

  • Lowering resting blood pressure

  • Improving sleep quality


Come along and learn to be still. 

Date:  (Monthly) Please see booking page for correct dates 



Unlimited Members, Six Classes & Four Class per week included 


Please note this event is live online and in the studio

​No experience required. 

Yoga at Home

Candlelit Yin Yoga with Aisling 

Friday 23rd Feb 2024

6.30pm - 8.00pm

Investment £20.00


Join Aisling in the energy of the first full moon of 2024 and the midpoint of winter for a serene yin yoga practice by soft candlelit.


Yin is a quiet and nourishing practice of yoga that focuses on deepening as opposed to moving, slowing you down and allowing you to gently energise and restore your energy.


We will explore long-held, passive floor poses on the mat, supported by yoga props such as bolsters, bricks, blocks and straps.  This allows the connective tissue and facia of the body to be gently stretched, increasing flexibility and promoting better joint health . Yin yoga also works with energy and the ancient art of Chinese medicine and meridian lines, helping to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit.


This practice will be done in a warm room lit by the glow of candlelight to allow your body, muscles and mind to completely relax.


Ending with Yoga Nidra you will melt into a deep dreamlike state with a guided meditation and gentle sound healing.

Roll & Release Workshop 

Sunday 18th February

11am - 1pm 

Investment £25.00

Roll & Release Workshop with Leanne 


In this workshop, Leanne will guide you through some simple myofascial release techniques to ease tension and restore balance throughout the body. We'll focus on those common tight spots, from the feet to the jaw, moving up through the legs, hips, shoulders, and neck.


This session isn't only about practical strategies for easing bodily tension—it's also an opportunity for a deeper exploration of internal sensations, potentially leading to fresh insights into your sensory experience. We will finish with a long, soothing savasana to integrate and enjoy those new sensations of release and ease.


There will be an opportunity at the end to ask questions, share insights and make notes, so that you have the knowledge to work with these techniques again in your own time. 


Please bring along a sock (large enough for two tennis balls). If you are working with pain or injury, it's recommended to check with your doctor or physiotherapist as to whether massage is suitable for you at the moment. 

Yoga Pose

Beginners Pilates

Date: TBC 

Investment: £50.00

Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm 


Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into Pilates. Held over two weekends, you will get to meet our specialist Pilates teacher Carla. Carla has many years of experience and expertise in Pilates. During this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of Pilates so that you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.

Week 1: We start our journey with Carla who is trained using the Jospeh Pilates method. Carla will introduce you to the Pilates moves and teach you a little about Pilates theory. 
Week 2: Carla will lead week two with breath work & pelvic floor work.  There are many styles of breathing techniques & we will be looking at ones that will benefit you in Pilates and look how we can link breath and exercise together. This will be followed by a Pilates session looking at body alignment and injures followed by relaxation and ensuring you are ready for our group classes.


After you have completed the course you will receive a
• 15min wellbeing consultation on request
• 10% OFF mat purchase 
• 2 Guest Passes


No previous experience is required. 

A Dive into the Anja Chakra Workshop ​


Date: Saturday 23rd March 2024

Time 2-4pm 

Join Lizzie for A Dive into the Anja Charka Workshop 

Lizzie will be starting the workshop with hot drink and nibbles. You will then go on to explore Anja Charka using your senses to explore scents, crystals, music and candles.


How does science meet yoga?  To consider the position of the third eye in relation to the pituitary gland; how do the Ida and Pingala nadis relate to the Anja Chakra? which will then be followed by 


How can an understanding of the Anja Chakra help me in my daily life?  An exploration of candle gazing with mediation, Nadi Shodhana prayana practice and incorporating an awareness of the 3rd eye into asanas and restorative asanas.


This beautiful and calming workshop is open to alls levels. No experience will be needed to join in. 

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture
Free Yoga

Free Pilates & Yoga event

Date: TBC

Cost: FREE 

Time: 12 -2.30pm 



This event is free to anyone who would like to learn about Pilates & Yoga and what we do at Balance Fitt 

This event will cover some theory & practical work and is suitable for all levels & genders. 

FREE refreshments will be provided 

just bring yourself in comfortable clothing, bare feet in the studio. 

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