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Workshops & Events

Monthly Meditation  

Monthly Meditation 

Around each full moon Balance Fitt will be hosting a monthly meditation. 

The full moon is said to heighten the activity of the mind, amplifying conscious thoughts as well as pulling sub-conscious ones to the surface/conscious mind. This can awaken one's spirituality, making it particularly beneficial to participate in a full moon meditation


Come along and learn to be still. 

Date:  Wednesday 8th February  at 7.50pm (Monthly) 


Drop In (Non Members) £10 

Members £5 (Please email to book yours) 

Unlimited Members Included 


Please note this event is live online and in the studio

No experience required. 

Hatha Class
Yoga Pose

The Splits Workshop 

Investment: £25.00

Date: Saturday 28th January 2023

I can't tell you the number of times I mention "splits practice" in class and the majority of yogis say or think they are not flexible enough.  These thoughts can become unintentional mantras that keep you stuck in ego and away from moving deeper into your yoga journey.  


A big part of yoga is about moving through the journey of asana and being able to enjoy your most challenging pose just as much as your favourite one.


I have also witnessed the same yogis who never thought it was possible overtime reach full split (Hanumanasana) and the absolute awe of achieving what they never felt possible.  This is where yoga reminds us that off the mat our state of mind and our belief in achieving what we truly desire comes down to our state of mind and believing in our fullest potential even when it seems impossible.


In this two hour workshop we will work towards laying the foundations of full splits and the techniques & props that can be infused to your regular practice.


After a hip opening vinyasa flow we will focus on targeting the muscles that will allow more flexibility for splits. Prior knowledge for splits is not required and being able to do a split is not the aim of the workshop. If you already have a split in your yoga practice, you will learn how to protect your joints and ligaments while in your split. 


This workshop will not only focus on the physical asana practice of splits, we will also delve into the history and story behind the ancient Hanumanasana (Monkley Pose) and the connection between hip opening, breathwork and releasing energetic trauma.

No experience required 

Make Space Workshop 

Date : Saturday 25th February 2023

Investment: £25

Time: 11.30am - 1pm

Make Space Workshop - a new workshop, combining self-massage & yin yoga.


During this workshop, Leanne will guide you through an extended practice combining myofascial release techniques and Yin yoga to target tension and tightness in the back and shoulders.


You’ll use the weight of the body, props and balls to work into the fascia, before spreading the area in a complementary yin posture. You’ll be supported and encouraged to work with your body’s direct feedback to lean into sensation and find what feels good.


Perfect for anyone that loves massage, or is curious to learn more about their own body through sensation and direct experience, this workshop will leave you feeling stretched, soothed and spacious in body and mind.


You will need your yoga mat, a bolster or large pillow, water and a sock (large enough to hold 2 tennis balls).

No previous experience is required. 

Yoga Pose

Beginners Pilates

Date: Sunday 9th & 16th October 2022

Investment: £50.00

Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm 


Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into Pilates. Held over two weekends, you will get to meet our specialist Pilates teacher Carla. Carla has many years of experience and expertise in Pilates. During this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of Pilates so that you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.

Week 1: We start our journey with Carla who is trained using the Jospeh Pilates method. Carla will introduce you to the Pilates moves and teach you a little about Pilates theory. 
Week 2: Carla will lead week two with breath work & pelvic floor work.  There are many styles of breathing techniques & we will be looking at ones that will benefit you in Pilates and look how we can link breath and exercise together. This will be followed by a Pilates session looking at body alignment and injures followed by relaxation and ensuring you are ready for our group classes.


After you have completed the course you will receive a
• 15min wellbeing consultation on request
• 10% OFF mat purchase 
• 2 Guest Passes


No previous experience is required. 

Beginners introduction to Yoga 

Date : Sunday 18th & 25th September 2022

Investment: £70

Time: 11.30pm - 4.00pm 

Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into yoga. Held over two weeks, you will get to meet some of our teachers, learn a bit about their style of teaching and learn the basics so you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.


This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of yoga not only the physical meaning of yoga but yoga as a whole. Body, Mind & Soul ! 

During the course we start our journey with learning some history about yoga and introducing you to a style of yoga called Hatha yoga. We will introduce you slowly to the Poses and teach you a little about Yoga theory, this will be followed by Pranayama which is breath, there are many styles of breathing techniques in Yoga and we will teach you to link your breath with your poses.

As we progress we will be guided through a more mental journey introducing you to Yin Yoga & Mediation, followed by an introduction to Vinyasa & Ashtanga followed by relaxation. 

After you have completed the course you will receive a

• 15min wellbeing consultation upon request

• 10% OFF mat purchase 

• 2 Guest Passes

No experience required. 

Free Yoga

Free Pilates & Yoga event

Date: Saturday January 14th 2023

Cost: FREE 

Time: 12 -2.30pm 



This event is free to anyone who would like to learn about Pilates & Yoga and what we do at Balance Fitt 

This event will cover some theory & practical work and is suitable for all levels & genders. 

FREE refreshments will be provided 

just bring yourself in comfortable clothing, bare feet in the studio. 

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