Meet The Team

Meet Carla 

Carla started a small business in 2000 where she found a love for Pilates after participating in the sport to help manage stresses of her former social work job. 

Carla is trained in Barre, Pilates & Yoga & is GP referral qualified. Carla has worked along side UK athletes, chriptarctors & worked with the local councils, run community programs and continues to develop her love for Pilates & Yoga by attending regular training and seminars. Carla has many years of experience working with clients from all backgrounds and has a deep understanding of injury rehab. Carla's passion is to support as many clients as she can through her classes to manage injuries, injury prevention and anxieties, providing individuals with a balanced lifestyle. 

Meet Natalie 

Natalie began yoga teacher training in May 2015 with the British School of Yoga. Her study and learning is a lifelong journey with over 500 hours of further teacher training and over 3000 hours of teaching experience since qualifying in May 2016. Natalie is a certified Yoga Alliance Professional.

Natalie has trained with Doctor Yogi (Andrew McGonigle) and completed training in embodied trauma healing with Ralf Marzen.

Natalie also specialises in yoga for women, including pregnancy yoga, post-natal yoga, menstrual cycle awareness, cyclical living and wild woman yoga. Natalie completed Doula training with Nurturing Birth UK in 2007 and combines her knowledge of women’s bodies and her passion for yoga to empower women throughout all stages of their lives. Most recently Natalie trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli the renowned women’s yoga therapist and author of Yoni Shakti.
Having practised Pilates alongside yoga at home for some time, Natalie decided to embark on Pilates teacher training in September 2016. She qualified in Beginners to Advanced Original Pilates Mat Work in July 2017. Her Pilates classes today combine the classical Joseph Pilates movements as well as new contemporary Pilates inspired ones.


In addition to yoga and Pilates Natalie qualified as a Total Barre Instructor in October 2018 with STOTT Pilates and Merrithew Fitness at OneKX in London

Meet Katie 
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Meet Aisling 

Yoga has been a part of my life for over a decade now and as with many people, I started to practice yoga when I was at a crossroads in my life. By practicing yoga it gave me a safe space in which I could leave any stresses at the door. By focusing on my mind and body, it allowed me to relax whilst also contributing to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit.

I was privileged to immerse myself in my training on the beautiful tropical island of Koh Phangnan in Thailand, famed for its yoga and healing centres. It gave me a life experience like no other. I stayed on the island for sometime and enjoyed teaching there looking out over the ocean or across the mountains from the yoga shala. Bringing this experience home with me I now teach Vinyasa flow, Power Flow, Hatha and Yin.

My style can vary depending on the energy of the class, I like to see how people are feeling and create a sanctuary where you will have the best practice on your mat. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and believe that Prana (energy) needs to flow deeply and freely through our bodies, removing any blocks so that we can relieve stress, increase immunity and enhance our general well being. With that in mind I like to create a practice which allows any blocks to open gently and bring you an overall sense of full body, mind and soul recharge after every class.

See you on the mat!