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The beginning…

This is my first blog as the owner of Balance Fitt.

Being a young mum and seeing how today’s society provides unrealistic images of how we should be as women is why I'm sharing my story with you.

I had my son at the early age of 19 and from that moment my body wasn't my own, nor did it look the same. I found myself comparing my features to others non-stop & my biggest complaints were my mummy tummy and no longer perky breasts.

So what did I do? I turned to fitness and by default it ended up being a job that I love. I find that being a former social worker and now a fitness instructor provides a great combination of skills to help others turn their negative image of themselves into a positive one. Helping as many people as I can to turn those positives to negatives is what I aim to do.

Will I be a 100% per cent happy with myself? Honestly no, I'm a woman and it doesn't matter how many compliments I get, I will still find keeping in shape and managing my diet hard work, but anything worth having comes with some hard work right?

What I can tell you is that through my journey I've developed my own way of managing the fitness, diet and being a mum which has helped me develop a positive self image and work with what I have.

Next blog - Secrets of improving the mum jelly belly.

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