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Egypt in April

In April 2018 I finally manage a trip to Hurgarda Egypt. Upon arrival the sun was shining a lovely 25 degrees. This was the average daily temperate so great for a winter get away and this is the perfect temperature for me especially when leaving the UK it was so cold and wet.


Egypt has three international airports, Hurgara airport is one of the three main airports (besides Cairo and Sham el-Sheikh). There are local airports in Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor. However most of tourists usually arrive to Cairo, Hurghada and Sham el-Sheikh.


Hurgarga is not short on things to do if you love water sports. The Red Sea being a favourite spot for divers and there are boat trips to keep you going for days.

We snorkelled the corals and swam with dolphins but for those of you who may not like getting wet you have submarine trips and boat trips for sight seeing. The cost of the trips were much of muchness between each tour operator and great value for money. Swimming with the Dolphins including lunch and unlimited soft drinks was around £30.00 each. Also quad biking, water parks, camel riding, dearest tours, water sports are all on the list of things to do.

From Hurgarda you can do trips to Sham le Shark, Luxor and Cario again all for under £100 each if you don't mind travelling. We unfortunately had bad stomachs and didn't make our trip to Luxor this time.


Hurghada city is a very busy place which is well built up. It has plenty of markets and shops to explore and has a beautiful marine which is great for eating both day and night. I can personally recommend the resurant KAHRAMANA & Al Halaka Fish Restaurant. For those of you who are vegetarian or vegan with some research you can also find restaurants that offer these options.


We went as a package holiday mainly because this was what was on offer, we had also heard many things about the area and wasn't sure on the safety. If i was to do it it again i would try to find accommodation nearer that main city & self catering. Our hotel was the Grand Flora Hotel the grounds were beautiful however the beach area and sand were not great, the rooms & quality of food in the restaurants were not to a good standard in my opinion. The gym facilities in the hotel were poor which meant working out was on a towel but it was done. Work out Pilates video in Hurghada is on YOU TUBE NOW.


The weather was great but unfortunately i will be giving this holiday a 5/10 although i was able to experience many beautiful things like swimming with the dolphins the negatives out weighed the good. I could not go for walks or explore as well as i would have liked because nobody understands the word 'NO' or excepts you do not want to buy anything which can feel intimidating.

Being able to use these trips for marketing purposes it is really important to me and the sports facilities were very poor. Like any where you go food is an important part of your holiday and apart from several meals the rest of the food we ate was poor and I can safely say I eat better at home. Would i go back ? The answer is no! I would have liked to see Luxor & Cario but these would now only be weekend trips. Egypt is great for families who want some winter sun with cheap out door activities to do without spending to much money.

Thank you for reading

Any feed back is welcome and if you have questions because you are travelling to Egypt or thinking of travelling to Egypt then please send me a message.


Swimming with the Dolphins

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