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Tummy Tum Tums...

The tummy. The one area that if you don't get it right effects that little black dress, bikinis are out of the question and trousers have just given you a muffin top so big your contemplating never leaving the house again. But don't fear you are not alone. Millions of us have the same struggle daily. What not to do...... I don't want you to binge diet or run out to buy more clothes. I'm about to share with you some easy simple things to help trim back your waist line and drop a dress size. Diet Say you've got 4 weeks to slim down for the holiday or special occasion, or you feel like you've been cheating on your body. A small change in your diet can help. I have a few weeks until I go on holiday to the Mediterranean and have changed my own diet in preparation. My top tip is having protein shakes as meal replacements, not every meal of the day, just one of the standard three. Other hints and tips; Increase my protein intake and cut the carbs back. One day wholemeal carbs, next day no carbs. Cut back on the sugars and treat yourself a little less. Reduce your meal sizes and little and often is good. You don't have to take up these fad diets, you just need to keep it clean. Exercise Ok so we're 6lb over our ideal weight but love a few glasses of wine, what can we do? Yes I like my wine as well but what if I said you can do both as long as you get the balance right. The 4 week plan..... move more.......!!! Your in office all day? Take a break and go for a quick walk. The change of environment also helps your mind. Make sure you block out half hour of your lunch break in your work calendar! Have kids no sitter? Do a you tube video from home. There are so many exercise clips online ranging from 5 minutes to an hour. Some extra tips for helping you achieve your goals and improve the appearance of your skin. 1. Palmers Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks and Sit Tight by Soap & glory. I swear by these products.

2. Body Wraps - The inch reduction body wrap by Bella Vita Beauty Rooms. Lose an inch or two just before you that special occasion. 3. Green Tea Jasmine Green Tea by Twinings. Great for fat loss but also has many other positive benefits.

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