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Roll & Release Self Massage Workshop 

Roll & Release Self Massage Workshop 

Investment: £25.00

Date: Sunday 8th May 2022

Time: 12pm - 2pm 


Roll & Release Self Massage workshop 

2 hours

This workshop will open with an explorative introduction to the fascia system – what it is, what it does, how it affects your range of motion and the benefits of myofascial release (MFR) work.

You will then be guided through a practice that uses the weight of the body, props and balls to ‘roll and release’ held tension. Similar, in ways, to Yin yoga, you’ll be supported and encouraged to play with ‘your edge’ and work with your body’s direct feedback to find what feels good and release what was stuck. The practice will close following a long, blissful savasana.

Perfect for anyone that loves a good massage, or is curious to learn more about their own body through sensation and direct experience, this workshop will leave you feeling stretched, soothed and very present and alive in the body.

No experience required 

Therapy Ball

Menopause & More - A Yoga Workshop For Women   


Menopause & More - A Yoga Workshop For Women 

Investment: £25.00

Date: Sunday 12th June 2022 

Time: 12.00pm - 14.00pm 

'As women we witness a constant dance of creation and renewal played out in our bodies. You can nurture a state of vibrant health by doing the right poses at the right time of your cycle. This will influence your short term and long term health, supporting fertility, healthy menstruation and a smooth transition to menopause.

 In this workshop for women we explore poses that are a huge benefit to our health, mainly focusing on poses that balance hormones and promote a centred and relaxed state of mind. Whether you are 25 or 75 this workshop is for you!' 

Join Lauren for this educational and relaxing workshop to develop a deeper understanding of your body and its needs. 

No experience required 

Yoga Child's Pose

Beginners introduction to Yoga 

Date : Sunday 20th & 27th February 2022

Date : Sunday 11th & 18th September 2022

Investment: £70

Time: 11.30pm - 4.00pm 

Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into yoga. Held over two weeks, you will get to meet some of our teachers, learn a bit about their style of teaching and learn the basics so you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.


This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of yoga not only the physical meaning of yoga but yoga as a whole. Body, Mind & Soul ! 

During the course we start our journey with learning some history about yoga and introducing you to a style of yoga called Hatha yoga. We will introduce you slowly to the Poses and teach you a little about Yoga theory, this will be followed by Pranayama which is breath, there are many styles of breathing techniques in Yoga and we will teach you to link your breath with your poses.

As we progress we will be guided through a more mental journey introducing you to Yin Yoga & Mediation, followed by an introduction to Vinyasa & Ashtanga followed by relaxation. 

After you have completed the course you will receive a

• 15min wellbeing consultation upon request

• 10% OFF mat purchase 

• 2 Guest Passes


No experience required. 

Woman with Pilates Mat

 Beginners Introduction to Pilates   

Date: Sunday 9th & 16th October 2022

Investment: £50.00

Time: 11.30am - 2.30pm 

Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into Pilates. Held over two weekends, you will get to meet our specialist Pilates teacher Carla. Carla has many years of experience and expertise in Pilates. During this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of Pilates so that you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.

Week 1: We start our journey with Carla who is trained using the Jospeh Pilates method. Carla will introduce you to the Pilates moves and teach you a little about Pilates theory. 
Week 2: Carla will lead week two with breath work & pelvic floor work.  There are many styles of breathing techniques & we will be looking at ones that will benefit you in Pilates and look how we can link breath and exercise together. This will be followed by a Pilates session looking at body alignment and injures followed by relaxation and ensuring you are ready for our group classes.


After you have completed the course you will receive a
• 15min wellbeing consultation on request
• 10% OFF mat purchase 
• 2 Guest Passes


No previous experience is required. This course is designed for someone trying Pilates for the first time. 


Pilates Practice

Free Pilates & Yoga Event 

Date: Saturday January 14th 2023

Cost: FREE 

Time: 12 -2.30pm 

This event is free to anyone who would like to learn about Pilates & Yoga and what we do at Balance Fitt 

This event will cover some theory & practical work and is suitable for all levels & genders. 

FREE refreshments will be provided 

just bring yourself in comfortable clothing, bare feet in the studio. 

Girls Doing Push Ups

Workshop & Events Information 

If you are interested in attending any of our workshops and events please book via the booking page. 

Please note that payments are non refundable. However you can swap to another workshop or event if you have given twenty fours notice prior to cancellation. 

Please bring a mat or you can hire one on the day. 

Please wear comfortable clothing to our events and workshops. We wear socks or have bare feet in the main studio. 


We provide vegetarian or vegan refreshments in all of our workshops, 

which is included in the price. 



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