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A monthly Restorative Yoga & Meditation Practice 

Date: 1st Wednesday of each month 

Investment: £11.00

Time: 8.20pm - 9.20pm 

With the explosion of yoga in the West, there’s been an influx of yoga styles, each expressing their own blend of breathing, poses, meditation, chanting, relaxation, and philosophy. Restorative yoga, a practice that leads the yogi toward a more healing and recuperative experience, ushers in a host of wonderful benefits that are often overshadowed by the popularity and visibility of more dynamic yoga styles.

A restorative practice frequently relies on the use of props and the prolonged holding of a few simple poses to achieve a deep level of relaxation. 

ncorporated in this practice you will begin to learn the skills to meditate. 

Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Meditation can take on many different forms, but there are two main types: concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation.

Research has shown that meditation can have both physiological and psychological effects. Some of the positive physiological effects include a lowered state of physical arousal, reduced respiration rate, decreased heart rate, changes in brain wave patterns and lowered stress.

Some of the other psychological, emotional, and health-related benefits of meditation include:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Better stress management skills

  • Improved emotional well-being

  • Better management of symptoms of conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, pain issues, and high blood pressure

  • Improvement in working memory and fluid intelligence

  • Changes in different aspects of attention

  • Suitable for any level



From the Ground Up 

Date: Saturday 

Investment: £25.00

Early Bird Discount £22.50



Our feet were not designed to have shoes on them. Now we are not suggesting that you start walking around town barefoot, but it does mean we need to make friends with our feet and commit to giving our feet the attention they deserve. Our feet are often over-tired, over-worked and under-appreciated but our feet play a critical role in keeping us grounded and stable. In our older age our foot health will also play a vital role in preventing falls. Remember – it is easier to maintain a structure that is balanced than to try and correct a misaligned structure later in life.

This workshop will be led by Natalie who having spent many years practicing different styles and disciplines of yoga has begun to see that yoga is so much more than just what you see in the typical shapes or poses of yoga. 

This workshop explores some of the foundational aspects of a yoga practice with the focus on how feet are the gateways to transformation and healing. 

Inspired by some of the teachings of Tias Little (International Yoga Teacher, founder of Prajna Yoga), this workshop will explore how feet are like our tree roots or the foundation for the temple of the body.

“The challenge of a yoga practice is similar to the challenge faced by a builder or engineer, the first task is to set the foundation. By establishing an extensive root system through the feet – we provide structural organisation for the body.” ~ Tias Little, Yoga of the Subtle Body.

In this workshop we will: 

  • Explore the basic structure and bio-mechanical function of the feet.

  • Re-establish a connection to our toes which assist with our spatial orientation and navigation.

  • Explore pada bandha or the ‘foot lock’ that helps us to evenly distribute our weight and engage the arches of our feet essential for grounding, balance and stability.

  • Continue to work upwards to build our practice ‘from the ground up’ delving into many familiar yoga asanas (poses)

This workshop is suitable for anyone with a keen interest in delving deeper into yoga from beginners to regular practitioners. 


Arm Balance Workshop 

Date: Saturday 

Investment: £25.00

Early Bird Discount £22.50




Arm Balance Workshop


For the yogi who is looking to advance their practice to the next level, immerse yourself in a 2 hr fun and empowering workshop where we will give you the tools and guidance to begin or progress your arm balances.


Starting with vinyasa flow to warm up the body we will hold preparatory poses to strengthen our bandhas (internal locks), energise the arms and focus the mind.  We will move onto arm balances including  perfecting chaturanga dandasana (four limbed staff pose) and then moving onto more technical arm balances such as bakasana (crow), parsva bakasana (side crow) and tittibhasana (firefly pose).


You will have the time to explore and work towards your fullest expression of these asanas in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

We will finish with yoga nidra to still the mind and induce an inner state of peace to end our practice.


Come and see the world from another angle! 

Four week introduction to Yoga with Aisling Carla, & Natalie 

Date: TBC - Please email for waiting list 

Investment: £70

Time: 11.45am - 1.45pm 

Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into yoga. Held over four weeks, you will get to meet all of our teachers, learn a bit about their style of teaching and learn the basics so you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.

Week 1: We start our journey with Carla who trained in a style of yoga called Hatha & Vinyasa. Carla will introduce you slowly to the Poses and teach you a little about Yoga theory. 

Week 2: Carla will lead week 2 with Pranayama which is breath, there are many styles of breathing techniques in Yoga and we will learn to link your breath with your poses.

Week 3: Natalie will guide you through a more mental journey introducing you to Yin Yoga & Mediation. 

Week 4: Aisling on the forth week will begin by introducing you to styles of yoga called Vinyasa & Ashtanga followed by relaxation. 


After you have completed the course you will receive a

• 15min wellbeing consultation

• 10% OFF mat purchase 

• 2 Guest Passes

No experience required. 

A Three Week Introduction to Pilates with Carla.

Date: Saturday 10th October 2020 x3weeks

Investment: £52.50

Time: 11.30am - 1.30pm


Our beginner’s courses are a great way to get into Pilates. Held over three weeks, you will get to meet our specialist Pilates teacher Carla. Carla has many years of experience and expertise in Pilates. During this course you will learn enough so that you will feel confident to attend any of our regular weekly classes.

Week 1: We start our journey with Carla who is trained using the Jospeh Pilates method. Carla will introduce you to the Pilates moves and teach you a little about Pilates theory. 
Week 2: Carla will lead week 2 with breath work & pelvic floor work.  There are many styles of breathing techniques & we will be looking at ones that will benefit you in Pilates and look how we can link breath and exercise together.

Week 3: Carla will guide you through a Pilates session looking at body alignment and injures followed by relaxation and ensuring you are ready for our group classes.


After you have completed the course you will receive a
• 15min wellbeing consultation on request
• 10% OFF mat purchase 
• 2 Guest Passes


No previous experience is required. This course is designed for someone trying Pilates for the first time.


Free Pilates & Yoga Event 

Date: TBC  

Cost: FREE 

Time: 12 -2.30pm 

This event is free to anyone who would like to learn about Pilates & Yoga and what we do at Balance Fitt 

This event will cover some theory & practical apsects and is suitable for all levels all & genders. 

FREE refreshments will be provided 

just bring yourself in comfortable clothing, bare feet in the studio. 

Workshop & Events Information 

If you are interested in attending any of our workshops and events please book via the booking page. 

Please note that payments are non refundable. However you can swap to another workshop or event if you have given twenty fours notice prior to cancellation. 

Please bring a mat or you can hire one on the day. 

Please wear comfortable clothing to our events and workshops. We wear socks or have bare feet in the main studio. 


We provide vegetarian or vegan refreshments in all of our workshops, 

which is included in the price. 







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