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Addicted to Food

So here’s some facts… New research has revealed the average Briton scoffs through double the recommended amount of sugar - a whopping 14 sugar cubes a day. However, over 75% of us have tried to give up those sweet treats. But the survey says we last just three days before we give in to our cravings.

I’m a Pilates & Fitness Instructor and I eat healthy, for the most part. I know exactly what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I give advice & promote healthy lifestyles for a living but I still cannot say no to a treat!

Am I a fraud? No, I’m just like you guys. I walk into a store and the chocolates are glaring at me on offer much cheaper than the fruit of course. I go to restaurant or coffee shop and the puddings are calling my name. We buy convenient foods which are packed full of hidden sugars and then before we know it we have piled on the pounds, feeling grotty and the viscous cycle begins.

We can laugh and joke about how “we love food” and don’t get me wrong, I do love food but our addiction to it isn’t a laughing matter. In fact in some cases it is ruining life’s causing obesity, effecting people’s health’s and impacting our younger generations. It’s becoming so bad, ministers are calling for food companies to reduce the sugars in their food.

Like most of you guys I work full time, two jobs and am a mum to a moody teen. Trying to get a good “Work/Life” balance can be really tough going and sometimes it beats me, bringing me to actual tears. So you’re not alone and whatever your circumstances, we need to get a hold of this. Yes it’s ok to love food, dream, plan and even enjoy treats but shouldn’t we all try to get a little better at doing it the right way?

  1. Where possible, let’s cook our meals using fresh ingredients, avoiding processed foods.

  2. Limit the takeaways.

  3. Limit the carbs.

  4. Look for alternative puddings we have attached some recipes at the bottom (please feel free to send any to me).

  5. Avoid buying snacks/treats for the home.

I’m not saying these tips are easy because I equally struggle and sometimes we need a partner in crime to help us. Join us in January for our closed Facebook group ‘Keep it Clean Month’ we will be supporting one another (me included) in following the above tips and setting ourselves up for the year ahead.

Thank you for reading


Click link for healthy pudding options 

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