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What’s hot and what’s not!

When it comes to fitness and working out you have to feel comfortable in your own skin. Squeezing into something 2 sizes to small isn’t going to work out. With social media playing such a huge part in a lot of lives, we are, in my opinion, more body conscious than ever before.

Sports Bra

Firstly how many time have you gone to work out and seen the lady in your class trying not to jump to high because her boobs are bouncing up and down? Ouch!!! I know your smiling because that’s probably been each and everyone one of us at some point and I’m totally guilty of this. Not wearing the right sports bra, no matter what size you are, could be the difference between a good work out and a bad work out. It might just be worth investing in a decent sports bra to ensure you make the most of your work out.


Just be aware of the camel toe ;-) and ladies, if you like black leggings check for holes before you leave the house. During Pilates and yoga our legs are often in very weird positions, revealing all, and I doubt you want anyone to see any extras. Personally I will always go for comfort, so if I’m purchasing a pair of Lycra leggings, I would generally go for the next size up and this purely because I can’t stand having a muffin top. However as long as you’re comfortable wear what suits you and your body shape. We are there to work out, it’s not a fashion parade!


Tops are the easy part I don’t think we can go too far wrong, you know if your some who sweats a lot not so choose sleeves and to for the best tops. Again I tend to choose tops that provide comfort over fashion tops.

Where to shop

Sports Bras - I don’t know about you but I think sports bras are really expensive for the very little you’re getting. I tend to go to places like Primark, New Look or Next for these.

Tops - I like to have to a mixture so I might scope out places like Pretty Little Thing, ASOS, eBay or the Sweaty Betty sale for something different.

Bottoms - I love Adidas bottoms they just seem to fit me the best but it’s about finding the brand that works with your body shape and makes you feel comfortable.

What we wear isn’t the most important part of your fitness journey, but if you feel comfortable in your clothing it’s going to support

a positive mind set about your outlook on yourself and your goals.

Fitness isn’t just about working out it’s about creating a healthy positive mind set to manage the rest of life.

Thank you for reading


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