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Why I Swear By Pilates

Often people think they know you but often we show people only what we want them to see. Maybe only the closest people to us know our deepest thoughts and maybe you could spend ten years with someone and never really know them. Like most people at some point in life we are faced with troubles, trials and tribulations. For many years I struggled personally with family life and it was when I found fitness and mainly Pilates that I was able to manage my stress levels and anxiety better, the doctor gave me pills and after trying them and feeling worse I new exercise was the only option. Pilates has taught me the art of having more control over my thinking, to slow down and process and this is something I still practice often and I don't always get it right. It's taught me to practice to breathe correctly which is fantastic if your feeling anxious or panicky, often when I'm due to fly my anxiety levels increase and I try to put this into practice.

At the end of each session we take the time to relax down and mediate for a few minutes practicing to clear our minds, again this is something that takes practice because I'm sure I'm not alone when I'm deciding what to cook for dinner or planning the next shopping trip instead of focusing on mediation. 🤔

Pilates is an exercise that works on the body and mind it is extremely beneficial for those who may have suffered from injuries or want to partake in an exercise that is low impact on the joints. Pilates works the body through focusing on the core muscles teaching you flow of movement and precision throughout. Pilates isn't to be mocked, done right this exercise format is just as challenging as other fitness classes on the market.

Pilates has given me a focus, it's helped me mentally through challenging times, physically I'm stronger and I truly believe this exercise should be the basis of all fitness regimes for women, men and young people. If life gets tough, let's work harder in class. I dreamed of building a studio that was inclusive for all, a judgmental safe environment so I could teach those the benefits of pilates. If I can help just one person to improve there quality of life, reduce their medication or lose weight or just maintain a healthy balanced life style then I feel I'm doing a job well done. Pat on the back for me 😅🙄

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