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Junior timetable

Junior Pilates & Yoga

Pilates & Yoga for juniors has many benefits Our children today are now starting to face just as many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical challenges in their lives as an adult would.  

Children face pressures in school such as homework, pressure to compete with others (sport and academically) endless activities after school, over scheduling and poor nutrition. All of which are contributing factors towards stress in their lives.  Teaching junior yoga & pilates can help develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. The skills in which they inherit from junior yoga & pilates can also be applied in to their daily routines and school work.  During a typical class children can enjoy a variety of safe postures, and to look after their bodies in a fun and innovative manner. We promote participation of each child by introducing children to yoga games, stories and partner work which encourages team work whilst developing coordination and creative thinking. In a typical session of 45 minutes we bring together a series of stretches, back arches, twists, balances, breathing and relaxation. All of which help strengthen and support children, physically and mentally. They build-up confidence and concentration and also help them to sleep better.

Please note that we can offer in school sessions upon request

Term Time /Thursdays @ 5.05pm  

12 week term @ £54.00 

​Please note: it is important to alert your teacher to any injuries or health issues your child may have prior to starting a class. If your child has a medical condition and is undertaking a new exercise regime, please consult your GP before attending. 

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